Article Prize

This award is given quadrennially to the best article published in the society's journal Southern Jewish History in the past four years.

2021 Award - Phyllis K. Leffler, "Insiders or Outsiders: Charlottesville’s Jews, White Supremacy, and Antisemitism," in volume 21.

2017 Award - Joel William Friedman, “The Legal, Political, and Religious Legacy of an Extended Jewish Family,” in volume 18.

2013 Award - Leonard Rogoff, “A Tale of Two Cities: Race, Riots, and Religion in New Bern and Wilmington, North Carolina, 1898” in volume 14.

2009 Award - jointly awarded to Leonard Rogoff for "Harry Golden, New Yorker: I [heart] NC" in Volume 11, and Dianne Ashton, "Quick to the Party: The Americanization of Hanukkah and Southern Jewry" in volume 6.

2001 Award - Scott Langston for "Interaction and Identity: Jews and Christians in Nineteenth Century New Orleans" in volume 3.


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