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2023 - Volume 26
"Training and Dispersing Young Jews Fleeing Hitler: The National Youth Administration Refugee Program and the South," by Claudia Wilson Anderson $7.00
"Witnessing History: Civil Rights and the Jews of Selma, Alabama," by Amy K. Milligan $7.00
"The Jewish Legacy of 'Bombingham': Exploring the Causes and Consequences of the Attempted Bombing of Temple Beth-El in Birmingham, Alabama in 1958," by Margaret Norman and Melissa Young $7.00
"Primary Sources: Black Newspapers and Jewish Advertising:Jim Crow on the South’s Western Periphery," by Timothy Riggio Quevillon $7.00
Memoirs of Oscar Dreizin of Butler and Macon, Georgia, c. 1948 $7.00
Full Volume, v. 26 (2023) $15.00