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2022 - Volume 25
"Maryland’s Jews, Military Service, and the American Revolutionary Era: The Case of Elias Pollock," by Owen Lourie $7.00
“'Did You Ever Hear of Judah Benjamin?' Fictional Representations of the Jewish Confederate," by Michael Hoberman $7.00
"Max Moses Heller: Jewish Mayor in the Sunbelt South," by Andrew Harrison Baker $7.00
Primary Sources: "'A Good Place to Emigrate to Now': Recruiting Eastern European Jews for the Galveston Movement in 1907," by Joshua J. Furman $7.00
Memoir: "Growing Up Jewish in the Mississippi Delta, 1943–1961: A Rabbi’s Memoir," by Fred Davidow, with introductions by Lance J. Sussman, Paul Finkelman, and Karen S. Franklin $7.00
Full Volume, v. 25 (2022) $15.00
2021 - Volume 24
"'Hebrews in Favor of the South': Jews, Race, and the North Carolina State Convention of 1861-1862," by Eric Eisner $7.00
"Creative Power: A Jewish Refugee in the Jim Crow South, 1939–1946," by Andrew Sperling $7.00
"A Daughter’s Love: Lisa Stein, Senator Charles Andrews, and American Refugee Policy during the Holocaust," by Augustine Meaher $7.00
"A Manhattan Jew in a Small Alabama Town: Journals and Selected Correspondence of Seymour Gitenstein," by R. Barbara Gitenstein $7.00
Full Volume, v. 24 (2021) $10.00